Friday, July 31, 2009

Tyre Maintenance Tips

I have got some important information on tyre maintenance tips while surfing on the net.

See them below.

1. Practice changing the tyres in your own drive or near your house as you will feel more comfortable as opposed to having to do it on a cold wintry night on your own.2. Even if you check the tyres everyday before you set off on a journey, you never know what you’ll come across on the road that could puncture the tyres so always be prepared and know how to change your car tyres.3. Try and check the tyres once a week to ensure that the tread depth meets the legal minimum requirement of 1.6mm.4. Ensure that your car tyres are correctly inflated by investing in a digital tyre pressure gauge. You can also use the one in your local petrol station.5. Make sure you check your cars handbook to know what pressure to pump your tyres to.
Other things to note about your tyres include:1. Make sure there are no cuts or holes in your tyre as this could prove quite dangerous when driving. Your car could potentially swerve to one side and you could potentially lose control of your vehicle.2. Also, it is always better to check the tyre pressures and the general appearance of the tyre to make sure they meet the legal requirements.3. This is an important check because if they don’t meet the legal requirements then you could potentially face a fine of up to £2500 plus 3 penalty points per tyre (yes it is per tyre), so if you want to keep your driving license, then make sure you look after your tyres.

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